Thoughts on Wedding Photography

June 11, 2015

I love to shoot weddings. Just love it. 

When I was a kid I would mail my 24 exposures to Kodak after my brothers and I would document life around our home in the country.  We would wait for the prints to return via snail mail with so much anticipation. With the same enthusiasm I cannot wait to get home after a wedding and begin the editing process. To see, feel, and relive the experience through the images I capture is such an amazing adventure for me. Kind of like winning the lottery. Well, I have never won the lottery, I can only imagine.

Weddings are not just any event. They are a dramatic unveiling of life in its finest moment. You have the love of two people for one another. Their devotion to one another. You have the families, the friends, and their friends celebrating this amazing milestone in life. It's an event that is ripe for the picking for a photo-journalist. Everything is right there ready to be captured and turned into physical memory.

I believe a good wedding photographer has to be a photo-journalist. A wedding is a story that needs to be recorded in order to be retold. The powerful images don't come from the posed, cliche shots (in my opinion). Yes, those are great keepsakes, but they are just snapshots in a sense, no matter how well done or how many studio lights are set up. The powerful memories come from the raw emotion that unfolds at any given moment when there is no awareness of the photographer creeping around pointing his/her lens. It comes from a feeling that manifests into a physical reaction on the face or body as a bride reads her vows to her groom. It comes from the tear that rolls down the maid of honor's cheek as she watches her best friend reveal to the world that she is in love. This emotion is everywhere at a wedding. And it's real. Here's to a great wedding season everyone!