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May 26th and Facebook

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Memories of May 26th

Every time I get the "memories" option on my feed in Facebook, I get excited to see what I posted on that day the last few years. Today's was especially heart warming as I remembered the time leading up to Fatherhood. Things have changed so much since the day we found out he was coming. 

The first set was from 2012, we had not yet moved out of our one bedroom condo in Calabasas. I would get up early Saturday's or Sundays and head out to Malibu Creek State Park or Zuma Beach to be in nature and to make photographs. I had gotten an iPhone 4 so many of my images were taken that year with the phone rather than my Nikon D-SLR. We also did a lot of juicing that year with fresh fruit and veggies from the Calabasas Farmer's Market (which is the best market in the area).

Malibu Creek State ParkMalibu Creek State ParkA cell phone shot in Malibu Creek State park on May 26, 2012 (I believe). Watermelon JuiceWatermelon JuiceFreshly juiced watermelon in canning jars. circa 2012? Zuma BeachZuma BeachAn iPhone 4 shot of Zuma beach back in 2014

Before the baby was on his way, we moved up to Ventura to a bigger place with the hopes of starting a family. This came with a commute to work every day. I had missed the beauty of the sunsets in Ventura. I love silhouettes, as cliche as they are in photography, I find real beauty in them.

Highway 101Highway 101a shot from the car with my iPhone 4.

These two photos of the cats bring back memories of the new Ventura home. The first one being the Sydney curled up on a rocking chair we put in the house to prepare for the new baby and the other a typical shot of Skyler watching out the second floor screen door at the plethora of crows in the area. 

Sydney SleepingSydney SleepingOur cat Sydney curled up asleep on the rocking chair. Skyler ContemplatingSkyler ContemplatingOur cat skyler watching birds through the screen door.











A few months into the pregnancy and I was itching to get out and do some landscape shots. I hadn't done this for a while since being so busy preparing and learning about things to come with the new responsibility of having a child. The first is the setup I used and the next were the shots that came from it.

Getting the ShotGetting the ShotAn iPhone photog of my setup at the beach on May 26, 2014 in Ventura, CA.

Sunset Ventura BeachSunset Ventura BeachA long exposure shot of a beach just north of Ventura, CA on May 26, 2014. Man on Beach at SunsetMan on Beach at SunsetA long exposure shot of a beach just north of Ventura, CA on May 26, 2014.

And lastly, in the nursery in our newest home 6 months after he was born! Happiness.


Happy Mom and SonHappy Mom and Son


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