peter alexander photography | First Tryout of the Brenizer Method

First Tryout of the Brenizer Method

June 17, 2016

While watching Youtube videos to get inspiration for wedding photography I came across Ryan Brenizer and the method he came up with of shooting multiple shots with a large aperture, stitching them together in photoshop, and the end result being a wide angle shot with a very narrow depth of field.

For this shot of my son I took 5 shots vertically with my 50mm (on a DX format camera--so roughly 75mm), at f/1.8, and knelt about 5 feet away from him. I edited in Adobe Lightroom CC to my desired look and corrected for lens distortion. I then used the merge to panoramic in Photoshop CC. I look forward to trying out this method outdoors with a couple for either engagement or wedding portraits.