peter alexander photography | Women's soccer: Cal Lutheran vs UC Santa Cruz September 26, 2016

Women's soccer: Cal Lutheran vs UC Santa Cruz September 26, 2016

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CLU vs UC Santa Cruz Women's SoccerSoccer on Cal Lutheran Campus in Thousand Oaks, CA on Monday, September 26, 2016. Game started at 4pm.

The last time I shot soccer was way back in 2007. Very hard sport to shoot! I had fun stopping by this game on my way home from work to grab a few shots. It was hot out there but that didn't seem to slow the players down. 

As I am getting back into sports photography, I am focusing my attention on things that need tune up work. For this game I went out there with the thought that I would not worry about my exposure as much as my focusing ability. I set this on a very fast shutter speed so that camera shake or player movement would not be an issue. I instead put my attention on my cameras continuous focus mode to practice locking on and getting the shot. I played around with settings on this from single point AF to Dynamic 52 point AF. My camera is old so focusing and locking on, even in great light, can be a bit difficult. I ended up with a lot of poorly focused images. For the shot above, player placement in the frame gave me greater ability to lock on and get a sharp image. Back button focus is a must in sports photography as depressing the shutter release can cause refocus when you don't want it. Click on the image above to see it in the gallery.


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