Aerospace Valley Air Show, Edwards AFB, October 15, 2022

October 17, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, my son and I went out to Edwards AFB to watch the Aerospace Valley Airshow. I read that Edwards has not had an airshow since 2009. It took a good 45 minutes to get onto the base and into the flat dirt parking lot on Rogers dry lake bed. Then a good 20 minutes or so to get from the car, through security, then on a school bus for the mile drive to the flight line. But it was all worth it, especially since I got to see an old Air Force buddy I had not seen in 21 years. Below are some random shots I took with my Nikon D500 + 200-500 f/5.6. Click on any photo to access the full gallery. I'll do another short blog post on the Thunderbirds since I took quite a few images of their amazing show.


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